Will DPF Delete pass emissions?

Emission testing standards vary from state to state, county to county and city to city. Depending on your jurisdiction you could potentially pass or fail emissions. Before deleting your DPF find out what your particular emission requirements are. States like California perform a visual inspection. In this case you should get a DPF delete pipe with flanges so you can easily swap it out every 2 years when it comes time for emission testing. The state of Texas and presumably others perform a "safety inspection". They plug in a OBD2 scanner to see if a check engine light is present. DPF delete tuners on the market will prevent the check engine light from turning on when removing the DPF. Resulting in passing score. Another common emission test is putting the truck on a dynamometer and doing various speed runs while checking the opacity. Our best advice is to make sure your truck is warmed up to operating temperature before this test is performed and put your DPF delete tuner on the lowest power level. With each variation of emission testing there are options that make DPF delete a feasible option.

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