Will DPF delete increase fuel mileage?

No question about it, hands down, the answer is Yes. Whether you have a Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke; they can all benefit from a DPF delete. Removing the diesel particulate filter is the best modification you can do to improve fuel economy. Putting an exact number on the fuel mileage is tough. It's dependent on how plugged your particle filter is right now. As the DPF gets plugged mileage gets worse and worse. Typically customers call us when there mileage has gotten to the point they just cant take it anymore. Usually around 13-14mpg. If your fuel mileage is terrible and slowly getting worse. Consider these numbers:

Lets say your fuel mileage increases from 13 to 18mpg. Doing the math; 18mpg driving 1,000 miles = 55.5 gallons of fuel. 13mpg driving 1,000 miles = 76.9 gallons of fuel. Thats a difference of 21.4 gallons. The price of diesel fuel as of today is about $3/gallon (x) 21.4 gallons = $64 saved for every 1k miles of driven. Bottom line, installing a DPF delete kit will pay for itself. Not many other parts can do that. 

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