S&B Filters: Oil or Dry

sb filter oil vs dry filter

S&B Filters: Oil vs Dry
S&B Filters gives you the option of two different filter types with there intake systems. A dry disposable filter or oil based cleanable filter. Both filters offer similar performance characteristics with only subtle differences, so the decision essentially comes down to, would you rather throw away the filter or clean it?

Concerned about your factory warranty?
Don't be! Regardless of which filter you choose dry or oiled; neither filter will void your warranty. S&B will stand behind you on this. If you want to avoid any confrontation the best intake system for you diesel pickup truck should be equipped with a dry filter as well as a pre-filter wrap. This way an unscrupulous dealer cant claim you cleaned the filter improperly.

Service Intervals, Cleaning & Oiling
Service intervals depend entirely on driving conditions. If you only drive on the highway, the life of your filter will be significantly longer then if you live on a dirt road. When using a dry filter expect 30k miles (highway) before needing to replace. In the mean time, cleaning a dry filter is pretty straight forward. Take compressed air and blow out the dirt. When you cant do that anymore, replace the filter. Oil based filters will hold more dirt then a dry filter. But cleaning a cotton based oil filter is a bit different and more involved. Proper cleaning and oiling is critical. Oil based cotton filters require the proper amount of oil. The oil is the filtering agent. If you put the correct amount of oil on the filter it WILL protect your engine. To help with this S&B has a cleaning kit that meters how much oil is put onto the filter. 

Extra Protection
Regardless if you go with a dry or oiled filter; we recommend installing a pre-filter wrap. The filter wrap will help keep larger debris out and extend the life of the dry filter and make maintaining the cleanable filter easier. A benefit to the dry filter in extreme dust conditions is the ability to used compressed air to clean out the filter which will extend its life. This is something you never want to do on a oil based cotton filter because it will destroy the cotton fibers.

So which filter...?
Still not sure which filter to use? We recommend, prefer and install on our own personal vehicles the intake systems with oil based filters. From our experience, sales history and industry trends we typically sell the oil based filter 10:1 over the dry filter. Both filters are great and we wouldn't hesitate to use either one, but having the option to clean your filter is our deciding factor. Whether its for a Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke diesel pickup truck; we carry the entire line of cold air intake systems from S&B Filters. 

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