RaceME Ultra - Transmission Tuning

The RaceME Ultra includes transmission tuning software for stock transmissions as well as aftermarket transmissions. This feature is available for 2010-2017 Dodge Cummins Diesel trucks equipped with the 68RFE transmission and excludes the Aisin transmission.


  • Raised line pressure in all forward gear including during shifts
  • Increased shift firmness to prevent clutch slippage
  • Modified shift points @ WOT in all gears
  • 6th gear unlock and downshift to avoid torque converter slip
  • Aftermarket Transmissions - 225psi line pressure and faster line pressure increase during altered throttle to apply higher pressure before high torque enters the transmission.

By locking the torque converter up sooner and holding lock-up longer the RaceME Ultra will increase the longevity of your transmission, improve the drivability and make for a better driving experience while towing heavy loads or driving around empty. 

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