RaceME Ultra - Pyrometer EGT Sensor Kit

The RaceME EGT Sensor Kit for the RaceME Ultra is a highly accurate pyrometer that measures up to 2200 degrees. If you use your Dodge Cummins for towing then its recommended to install a pyrometer so you can safely monitor your EGT's (Exhaust Gas Temperatures). 

EGT Sensor Installation Manual

Pyrometer kits must be plugged in to controller prior to plugging in OBD2 port or the “Race me EGT sensor temp” will not show up in the gauge selection menu. If it is already plugged in and you cant find this PID, The directions are as follows,

turn key off--> unplug OBD2--> unplug EGT sensor cord from controller--> wait 30 seconds--> reconnect EGT sensor to controller--> reconnect OBD2 --> power up tuner with key on operation--> touch gauge you with to modify--> find “RaceMe EGT sensor temp” under the temperature menu.

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