RaceME Installation

Whats the first thing I should do after receiving my tuner?
You should always check to see if the tuner is up to date.  This will ensure a problem free installation.  You can do this by powering up the tuner and going to Menu, Config Tools, Page Up, Firmware Update.

Is a battery charger necessary for installation?
Its not required but its a good idea to have. These trucks are sensitive to both low and high voltage as well as dirty or loose battery terminals. Ensure posts are tight and clean and set charger to "flash" setting. If the charger has no flash setting, set to 6v or 4amp charge. This will keep voltage constant during programming.

Can I install my RaceME without removing the DPF system?
NO, you MUST delete the DPF. The DPF will clog in short time after driving. When this happens the engine can no longer breathe.

Should I install the RaceME before or after removing my DPF?
Always program the vehicles ECM prior to removing any hard parts. In case there's an issue with programming this will ensure your not left stranded with a truck that has been deleted without having the proper programming installed. Its possible to have a no start condition, but at the very least will have reduced power and several codes and a check engine light.  

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