Can I install my RaceME without removing the DPF system?
No, you MUST delete the DPF. The DPF will clog in short time after driving. When this happens the engine can no longer breathe.

Should I install the RaceME before or after removing my DPF?
Always program the vehicles ECM prior to removing any hard parts. In case there's an issue with programming this will ensure your not left stranded with a truck that has been deleted without having the proper programming installed. Its possible to have a no start condition, but at the very least will have reduced power and several codes and a check engine light.  

Can I use the RaceME on multiple vehicles?
No, the RaceME tuner can only be installed on one truck at a time. Once installed the tuner is "vin locked" to that truck. After the truck has been returned to stock it can then be used on another truck.

Can my RaceME tuner work on different years?
Yes, the RaceME comes pre-loaded with software for 07-09, 10-11 & 2012 model years. For example: If you purchased a 07-09 version you can update the software to work with additional years. The RaceME pro comes pre-loaded with software for 07-09 & 10-12 and can also be updated to work with whatever year required. 

Weak or no exhaust brake after programming?
Unplug all electrical connectors from the EGR system. One connector is on the passenger side at the EGR cooler. Three are on the driver side of the engine at the solenoid, actuator & throttle valve. Disconnect all of these. 

Miss <12350331AN> message?
If you get this message its most likely the dealer has flashed your vehicle. Download the newest RaceME software. If the condition persists, press the right > key twice to override and force the tuner to program the truck.

Unplugged during download?
RaceME tuners have a special ECM recovery function in the event of a programming sequence being disrupted or ending with fault.

RaceME will not power up when plugged in?
Check power cord for damage, if power cord is good, check fuses for the DLC (diagnostic link connector)
2007-2009 - Fuse Location 11, 20amp
2010-2011 - Fuse Location M25, Bat-J1962 Diag/Mirror
2012 - Fuse Location M30, 15amp, J1962 Diag Connector
2013-2015 - Fuse Location F44, 10amp Diagnostic Port

If there's still no power contact us for technical support / warranty.

What do I do if the dealer flashes over my RaceME software?
You will get a "Vin Locked" message. Press the right arrow button twice to override the condition and force load the program into the truck. If you have a "VIN LOCKED" message in capital letters you most likely have old software on your tuner. Update the tuner and try again. 

How do I reset the "see dealer now" or "service required" message?
This is something you will need a dealer or local shop to help. The cause of this message is a combination of regenerative timers and accumulators with in the ECM. With the use of a scanner such as a snap-on Modis, Solis or a factory witech, all these timers can be reset. Once these timers reach a predefined value, the ECM requests that the exhaust be serviced. These timers will not cause a check engine light because they are simple counters that relay information to the ECM about regenerations and over temp events. At an assigned value, the ECM thinks there is a problem with the emissions system. In some cases, more common on the 07.5-09 trucks, this message can also be caused by a bad "fuel pressure relief valve". If this is the case, a new pressure relief valve must be installed for proper function.

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