RaceME: Emission Delete Capabilities

The RaceME, RaceME Pro & RaceME Ultra all have the ability to remove the entire emissions system on your 2007.5+ Dodge Cummins 6.7 Diesel. Not only can you delete these components you can do it without setting any codes or turning a check engine light. 

Emission Delete Capabilities

DPF Delete (Diesel Particulate Filter)
RaceME allows the removal of the DPF system and related sensors. The sensors do not need to go back into the exhaust system. 

CAT Delete (Catalytic Converter)
RaceME allows the removal of the catalytic converter and all related sensors. The sensors do not need to go back into the exhaust system.

DOC Delete (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)
The DOC and CAT are essentially the same thing. A DOC is a catalytic converter for diesels. The DOC is built into the downpipe on all 2007 to current Cummins 6.7 Diesel. With the RaceME installed you can delete this component.

EGR Delete (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
RaceMe gives you the option of leaving your EGR system installed and simply disabling it without removing any parts. Or to completely remove/delete the EGR and EGR Cooler. 

DEF / UREA (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
2013 and newer Dodge Cummins trucks require the use of DEF Fluid. When installing the RaceME Ultra you will no longer need to add DEF/UREA fluid. Since the need for DEF fluid will be eliminated this gives you the option to remove your DEF tank entirely. 

SCR Delete (Selective Catalyst Reduction)
2011 Dodge Cummins Cab & Chassis pickups were the first trucks equipped with an SCR. 2013+ Dodge Cummins pickups this became standard equipment. The RaceME allows you to delete this system.

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