RaceME: DPF Delete & Factory Sensors

When installing a RaceME tuner the factory sensors are disabled with programming. The sensors are NOT REQUIRED to be installed in the exhaust system. This gives you the option to install an exhaust system with or without bungs. 

If you live in a state with strict emission laws you may consider a DPF delete pipe with bungs. A quick glance under the truck to the untrained eye, it would appear the factory emission components are still in place. If you'd rather not have wires hanging under your truck or tied up using zip-ties it also makes for a cleaner look.

In some cases when attempting to remove sensors from the factory DPF, the threads are stripped. With two different metals (sensor & pipe) and the DPF delete pipe constantly heating up and cooling down its conducive for stripping. If you decide to re-install the factory sensors, soak the fittings with penetrating oil over night to help with removal.

Deciding to install a DPF delete pipe with or without bungs is a personal preference. If you want a clean factory look, are willing to spend a little more money, don't like the idea of sensors and wiring harnesses tied up under your truck then by all means get a DPF delete pipe with bungs. 

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