Mads Electronics Smarty: "Power on Demand" (PoD)

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What is Smarty PoD (Power on Demand)?
PoD is a throttle position value that you can set while driving, on the fly, or “on demand”.

Can Smarty Power on Demand help with fuel economy?
Absolutely! One of the most useful features of PoD is the fuel mileage gain potential.

How does Power on Demand work?
PoD re-maps the APPS (accelerator pedal position sensor).

Does Power on Demand adjust the horsepower levels?
No, the Smarty PoD re-maps the APPS (accelerator pedal position sensor). Lets say you put PoD to “50”, if your foot was to the floor, the truck would see a completely different pedal position then WOT (wide open throttle). You aren’t directly subtracting horsepower, but due to not having as far of a pedal position as you normally would, in a sense you are adjusting the available horsepower.

Why can’t Power on Demand adjust the horsepower levels?
A lot of people get confused about this but this is something currently not possible with a programmer that actually changes the information inside the ECM. Something that can alter the signals going to the ECM have the ability to. However the Smarty PoD rather changes the information on the ECM itself.

How does the Smarty PoD (power on demand) feature help with fuel mileage?
There are a few reasons why PoD can help with fuel economy. Lets say you take a stock truck and your best mileage is around 1/4 throttle. If you were to add horsepower, that same pedal position would be consuming more fuel. PoD gives you the ability to back down the percentage of throttle that is commanded. If your letting someone else drive you truck: kids, employees, valet, etc. you could turn down the PoD to “50” to prevent any sort of abuse. As a security feature you could set PoD to “0”. 

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