Southbend Clutch: Single vs Dual Disc

Deciding which clutch you need and what’s best for your application can be confusing. We install and deal exclusively with South Bend. We also have factory trained technicians that install these exact clutches everyday. As a South Bend Master Distributor we can help you determine the best clutch for your application.

Important questions to answer to help determine which clutch is best for your application:
- How much power does your diesel pickup truck make?
- Are you going to add more power in the future?
- How are you going to use your truck? Daily driver, light towing, heavy towing, sled pulling, etc.

Single Disc: If you like the stock pedal feel and drivability of a stock clutch then get a single disc clutch. If your making 400hp or less, and not towing 15k+ regularly, then get a single disc clutch.

Dual Disc, Double Disc, Twin Disc: If you plan on doing any sled pulling get an SFI certified dual or triple disc clutch. If your towing more then 15,000 lbs. on a regular basis then get a street dual disc clutch. If your making more then 500hp then get a dual disc clutch.

Unrealistic requests or expectations:
- My Ford PowerStroke makes 700hp and I want a clutch that doesn’t have a stiff pedal.
- My Dodge Cummins makes 400hp, I want a single disc clutch that I can use for sled pulling.
- My Chevy Duramax tows 20,000lbs how many miles can I get out of a single disc clutch.
- This is the last clutch I ever want to put into my diesel pickup truck.

Our typical customer uses there truck for daily driving, has a tuner, light modifications installed for increased horsepower and occasionally tows a trailer on the weekends. The most popular clutches we install in our shop include the following:

(link) 13125-OK-HD NV4500 (5 speed) 1988-2004 Dodge Cummins Diesel
(link) 1947-OK-HD NV5600 (6 speed) 2001-2005 Dodge Cummins Diesel
(link) G56-OK-HD G56 (6 Speed) 2006-2014 Dodge Cummins Diesel

Each clutch has its limitations. Clutches built to hold high horsepower will not be the easiest clutch to drive on the street and will have a more aggressive engagement, especially when towing. Conversely single disc clutches designed for 400hp should not be expected to hold up to competition sled pulling. The bottom line is, there’s is no such thing as the “best” clutch. Decide what you intend to use your truck for and get the “best” clutch for your application.

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